• Breast Unit

Breast Unit

The breast for each woman is a symbol of femininity, maternity and beauty since ancient times to today.

All women of their adult life and on have to check the health of their breasts as part of prevention and early treatment when symptoms occur. To make available to our patients a high quality of breast services, Athens BeverlyHills Medical Group established the Breast Unit in which women ( and sometimes men) are examined clinically and ultrasonographically for either annual breast screening or because of a symptom of the breast plus an abnormal radiologic finding.

Breast problems can range from simple symptoms, such as pain in the breast, palpable benign tumors till the multidisciplinary treatment of patients with breast cancer. The Centre's aim is to achieve Breast diagnosis for each woman examined in a single visit. This model (OneStopBreastClinic) has been applied for years by the National Health Service in the UK (NHS) with great success.

This modality includes clinical examination, evaluation of radiological findings, additional ultrasound scan when needed and finally, possibly fine needle aspiration /biopsy (FNA/FNB) and cytological / histological identification of the lesion. By achieving the diagnosis, an integrated multidisciplinary therapeutic proposal (surgery, medication, etc.) is applied or a consultation for follow up/ further evaluation. Important goal of the Breast Center of Athens Beverly Hills Medical Group is timely and accurate diagnose and treatment of all breast problems.

ΙΑΤΡΕΙΟ: ΠΟΛΥΙΑΤΡΕΙΟ ΕΥΡΩΚΛΙΝΙΚΗΣ: Αναστασίου Τσόχα και Δημ. Σούτσου, Αθήνα 115 21, 3ος όροφος. Τηλ. γραμματείας: 6974038749
ΝΟΣΟΚΟΜΕΙΟ: ΕΥΡΩΚΛΙΝΙΚΗ ΑΘΗΝΩΝ: Αθανασιάδου 9, πάροδος Δ. Σούτσου 115 21 Αθήνα. Τηλ.:210 6416 624, Fax.: 210 6416634
ΤΗΛΕΦΩΝΑ ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑΣ ΙΑΤΡΟΥ: 6944530710, 6974038749, 210 6416624, Fax.: 210 6416634; email:poulakakifiorita@yahoo.com


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